We are Eva Berce and David Almajer. Our ceramics studio is located in old center of Kranj, Slovenia. Fired art is our passion. Shaping and firing the clay represent a complete circle of life, joining basic elements known to traditional cultures: earth, air, fire and water. It’s shaped by hands, however its fundamental strenght is then added by fire. Epic of Gilgamesh as well as the Bilble, two great myths of Creation of the world, tell the story of God, who out of clay created man. When in the ancient days man took into his hands a ball of clay and simply started shaping it into forms, he discovered the path of creatvity. By burning the clay on fire he gave it its strenght and durability.

Creating and firing ceramics is like a game of  shapes, materials, colours and textures which time and again brings us to the discovery of new, unexplored worlds of our own creativity and the unconscious. With persistent kneading and countless attempts we have invented a unique approach to making fired art. We are still learning. Each product is a new revelation about self, about people, about the universe.

By hand we shape the ceramic compound into a variety of useful and decorative creations, to which we apply sand, clay, crushed stones, minerals and other materials found in nature and then used as a glaze. Products acquire their final seal in the process of firing, which transforms materials into new, yet unseen forms. Just as nature has for millenniums been shaping the Earth, in the same way cracks, coatings, lakes, valleys, mountains, oceans and deserts are being moulded on ceramics.

Mostely we make stoneware ceramics, which is fired at 1200 – 1300 °C (2190 – 2370 °F). We shape it by hand using pinching and slab building technique but we believe our unique approach is in the combination of both of these techniques as there is almost no shape we can not make.

We also started to make some molds, but we use this technique only for our own designes. That means we design a ceratin product (mug, plate, teapot…), make one and then mold it. In that way the produt can be made faster.

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Jenkova 4, 4000 Kranj

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  1. Pozdravljeni,
    Ko sem poleti kupila pri vas vašo keramiko, smo se pogovarjali o obliki vrčkov/skodelic in sem rekla, da vam lahko pošljem fotografijo skodelice, ki sem jo kupila v Angliji in bi po obliki lahko bila zanimiva za vas. Rada bi vam poslala fotografijo. Ali mi lahko pošljete mail, da bom to lahko storila. Zanima me tudi, ali boste delali še kaj svetlo vijoličastih skodelic in krožnikov za zraven. Kupila sem skodelici in smo se pogovarjali, da boste naredili še krožnike.
    Lep pozdrav,
    Evelina Ferrar iz Oxforda


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