Black Pinchpots

Here are some black stoneware pinchpots that we made this winter: bowls in different sizes, mugs and plates with some of our tipical glazes that we developed by ourselves.

We could say this style of pottery is tipical for us, for example we make different variations of Moment mug for a few years now, we actually make them in three different sizes, the smallest is great for black coffee, the medium and  large size for white coffee or tea. The handle of this mug is also very special, it takes quite some precise work and skill to make it.

Also tipical is the metal looks that we get with combination of ceramic body and glazes. What else could we say about our black pots? As all of them are made with pinching technique we could say they are sort of primitive but on the other hand they are very thin which makes them elegante and  timeless in terms of design. Pinching is one of most ancient techniques of making pottery. Pots are shaped very slowely, completely by hands… pinch, pinch, pinch until you like the shape and make it thin enough. For us this is sort of meditation and is great mental therapy 🙂


2 thoughts on “Black Pinchpots

  1. Res lepo in polno karakterja – zlasti turkizne in rdeče skodele. Zagotovo bom dopolnila svojo kolekcijo vaše keramike, ko spet pridem poleti v Slovenijo. Zdaj imava v Oxfordu kostanjevo mizo in bi kaj takšnega pasalo zraven.
    Najini obiskovalci še vedno občudujejo našo vijolično kolekcijo.
    Kako velika je “big blue bowl”? Za večjo količino sadja je verjetno premajhna?


    1. Pozdravljeni draga Evelina. Prav veseli naju, da so izdelki tako občudovani in uporabljeni. Tista skleda je v različnih dimenzijah nekje okoli 30 cm premera, nekatere so višje nekatere nižje, tako da nekaj sadja gre notri, možno pa bi bilo narediti tudi še dosti večjo in bolj globoko.


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